My 4-leaf Clover

Technology? Oh please, no.

It's not rational. There are days I dream of green pastures and wetlands. Mountains and valleys connecting the seas to the skies. All manner of animal beasts roaming in the leaf covered forest and littered with beautiful flowers and tiny insects. To smell and touch. To enjoy the moments of reality.

Not CG or produced from technology.

It's not rational. Somedays I wish death to technology. It's true.
My 4-leaf Clover

Forgotten Realms: Azuth and Spellplague

Just a thought.

What if Azuth did not die during the spell plague?

What is Sarvas and Velsharoon both also survived in some tricky way? After all, one is a walking oracle. And the other a god of undead.

Maybe Sarvas had a premonition and quickly executed a backup power source. And Azuth true as it might be died and his power absorbed by the demon price Asmodues. But in actual fact survives the ordeal by becoming an undead via Velsharoon and with the hidden source of power re-establish foothold thru demon hunting/ artifact hunting to store power?

If Elmister can survive time and time again beating death. I am not sure how Azuth's death is swift and concise.

My 4-leaf Clover

Ghost Army @ Xi'An

Happy to finally be able to witness this grand burial of Qin Shi Huang's clay warriors. From horses, warriors, generals to acrobats, chariots and imperial seals and everyday urns and pots.

What an elaborate preparation before to go away into the afterworld.

But what's crazy are the sacrificial pits of humans and animals that have to be done to assist the emperor in the after world. Journey into the afterworld, is walking into an unknown. No man can ever fully prepare himself or herself fully for it.